Long Term Care


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The Nationwide Long-term Care Rider: A lifeline if clients need it. A legacy if they don't.
Do your clients know what's in their long-term care rider?

Because there may be wide differences in coverage and protection, your clients need to know exactly what's in their long-term care rider. You can help them understand with Flexible Insurance Solutions Using Long-term Care Linked Benefits.

What the Nationwide® Long-term Care Rider* offers:
  1. 7702(b) classification. This means more comprehensive coverage, including paying claims for recoverable or short-term conditions.
  2. Guarantees. We offer products in which premiums for the base product, including the Long-term Care rider, are guaranteed to never go up. Also, a no-lapse guarantee covers all qualified long-term care services, regardless of whether the policy is owned by the insured or not.
  3. The flexibility of an indemnity-style plan. Benefits are paid directly to the policy owners - once eligible, no bills or receipts required. Plus, excess funds can be used for things like medical expenses, prescriptions, home safety improvements, housekeeping and home maintenance.
Contact me today at kragerm@nationwide.com to learn more about Nationwide's Long-term Care rider or feel free to call the Sales and Service Center.

*Available on select permanent, single life insurance products. The long term care rider is available at an additional cost, may not be available in all states and may be referred to by different names in different states.

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