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Introducing! Lincoln WealthAdvantageIndexed UL – The IUL you can plan on!

Effective May 11, 2015, Lincoln is pleased to introduce the newest member in its indexed UL portfolio, Lincoln WealthAdvantageSM Indexed UL. Designed for clients with a conservative market outlook who want to balance guaranteed features and growth potential, Lincoln WealthAdvantageSM Indexed UL can be a flexible solution for a wide range of client needs.

It offers:

• Cost efficient death benefit protection with cash value when protection is the main focus for the client; and

• Effective tax-advantaged growth potential with opportunities for tax-efficient income when cash value growth and distribution are the focus.

• The optional Surrender Value Enhancement Endorsement (SVEE) provides an enhanced cash value for balance sheet sensitive solutions in the closely held, small business marketplace.

Lincoln WealthAdvantageSM Indexed UL builds on the strengths and features of Lincoln’s indexed UL portfolio, which includes a guaranteed 1% floor, guaranteed loan charged rates, dollar cost averaging and diversification through three annual point-to-point crediting accounts to help maximize returns regardless of S&P 500* performance.

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