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Diana Greenberg is President & CEO of Total Financial. As a CSUN graduate with a business major, she started in the insurance business in 1985 under the tutelage of her parents, Marty and Lisa Greenberg, the founders of Total Financial, which was established in 1971. She learned the business from the ground up. Her motivation to learn about underwriting life cases caused her to seek out and pursue the knowledge that was and is regarded instrumental in changing the way new business is processed.

Diana’s years of experience and knowledge has not gone unnoticed by insurance carriers and other General Agencies. She has the ability to put people together and create synergies and business opportunities that most people would not think of creating. She continues to be invited to strategy meetings and medical conferences. In addition, she is a member on a number of insurance carriers’ advisory boards. Finally, Diana is known for her integrity. She knows that her word is her bond, and this is an attribute she is unwilling to compromise.




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