Your life just got easier.

It’s nobody’s favorite job to keep tabs of cases at every stage of the application and approval process. But, we all know how important it is. Fortunately, Vive takes care of it for you. When you log in, the first thing you see is a case status that shows the progress of all of your Vive cases from all carriers in one place. No other platform consolidates so much information in such an easy-to-use interface.

Alerts help you focus on the cases that need attention.

Vive has transformed the ability to review case status by providing a series of color-coded milestones of each case during the new-business and underwriting process. In a second, you can tell if everything is proceeding smoothly. Green is completed, blue is current or pending and a red alert will highlight any item that may be holding up the process. In addition, Vive will update you via text or email any time there is an alert on one of your cases.

Vive is committed to accountability for a timely process.

Vive has negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with each carrier. This means that the carriers have agreed to a certain number of days for achieving each milestone. In addition, your BGA will be watching to see if any of your cases fall out of these SLAs. You have the comfort of knowing your cases will be handled in a timely and professional manner.

Case Status updated daily.

Thanks to Vive’s state-of-the-art two-way data connectivity with carriers, it’s incredibly easy to see up-to-date case status for all of your clients. And because Vive keeps you so on top of things, you avoid the risk of overlooking a key task or deadline that could delay or even prevent policy issue.


Our agents are so excited about our new term submitting resource, VIVE.

It's the easiest and fast way to write term insurance and our agents agree! Here’s some examples of the stellar reviews...

  • "I'm primarily a P&C focused agent in the commercial space, but working on expanding my offering. While I aspire to work on larger whole life cases, referrals from business owners etc come looking for help with term coverage. Vive makes these applications so simple that my conversation with the first prospect was in total about 15 minutes. The accelerated underwriting through the platform afforded my insured an even shorter interview with the carrier and we were a 2-day total cycle, application to issue.

    I'll look to Vive for all cases of this kind going forward! In addition, the Total Financial support team has been stellar to work with."
  • Thank you so much for creating Vive, or at least bringing it to my attention.  I literally closed an annoying, time consuming term case that would have required an exam, detailed application and APS's with Vive in 5 days.  Let me repeat that.  I closed a case in 5 days!   Typically I would begrudgingly take care of a case like this because I don't like to leave money on the table and I like to take care of clients and new clients.  In 5 days I closed the case and made a commission for about 12 minutes of work.   As I move forward, I will be utilizing Vive whenever a case fits the system's profile.  I know you are doing so, but make sure all of Total's agents know about this efficient system for placing term insurance.   Gary Kay
  • "I am an independent medicare insurance agent that has previously worked with a another life insurance broker when my clients needed life insurance. They had a basic quote system which was fine. Status was also basic and by email. They seemed to take quite a bit of time on getting these completed and followup seemed lacking. One of my agents suggested that I try 'Total Financial' and I'm glad I did!

    The quoting system is great and their VIVE quoting platform makes it extremely easy and possible for 'accelerated underwriting' depending on the carrier and client data. Their status system is also excellent.... showing where we are every step of the way! I really like this user friendly system. The personnel with Total Financial are also great and willing to help in every way. Great product, Great People, Great Service for my clients!"

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